IRON-ON embroidered patch instruction

Do not use on fabrics with low melting points, such as nylon, vinyl, leather. Check your garment label.

  1. Set time and temperature

Set the temperature to Cotton or 145C (290F) for 5minutes, make sure your steam is off.

  1. Get Prepped

Find a flat surface, iron the area of the garment where patch will be placed.

  1. Position the Patch on the garment, with the embroidery facing up
  2. Place a pressing cloth or baking paper over the patch and press firmly for 10seconds
  3. Flip the garment over and iron the backside of the patch for 10 seconds.
  4. Let the garment cool
  5. Check the patch by lifting the edge gently, if it did not stick to the fabric repeat for another 10- 15 seconds, make sure to replace the pressing cloth or baking paper, sometimes there's a residue left from the previous procedure